The Unfettered Mind – Tai chi vs the combative mind

Published on 6 Mar 2017

This week I have been teaching from “The Unfettered Mind”, “Sword of No Sword”, “Daodejing” and the “Ecclesiastes”. But I keep referring to the 2008 study that showed that decisions can be made prior to our conscious awareness of those decisions….

One of the goals of meditation and martial arts practice is to transcend the separation between internal unconscious decision making and external expression of our human nature. In tai chi, we say, “To harmonize the inner and the outer.”

Takuan called it [ 不動智神妙録 ] ( fudōchi shinmyōroku ) , or the “Mysterious Wisdom of the Immoveable Mind ”

Does this mean that we can have free will? Or does it merely suggest that we can become empowered by better understanding our place in the Universe?…