What type of training is practical for self defence?

Lesson of the day:

Someone posted on a recent video by Adam Chan that the demonstration showed “fantasy moves that would never work in a real fight”…

That is when Mr. Chan, who is one of the great practical martial artists of our time, responded, “You can’t get out a skipping rope and start skipping rope in a real fight. You can’t start doing push ups in a middle of a fight. You can’t punch a man the way you hit a speed bag. All of that would NEVER work in a real fight either. But they are still useful EXERCISES for different attributes, not technique. The trapping exercises in the clip are EXERCISES for co-ordination and tactile sensing NOT fighting technique.”

Recently, someone else made a similar comment about low stances. “Are they practical?”

Nothing about training is practical in fight. When we are attacked, we don’t do forms or jump rope, or do speed bag punches, or balance on spears in our solar plexi, or sit in splits, or close our eyes and meditate, or punch with weights, or do four-hands, or think about qi circulation.

In fact, all of our training has to disappear in order for us to be effective in a “practical situation.”